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 As a trained spa professional specialist (IHK), and trainee in India  ( profes-sional tantric therapists”, I have the following types of massage on offer:

 Massages price for single person

Massage        Duracion       Price in Euro         

 Tantra Touch **              1  hour                100 ,-
 Full Tantra **                1.5 hours              150,-  
 Dark Tantra  **                1  hour               150,-

 Tao Massage                 1,5 hour              150 ,- 

 IASTM Fascial                 1 hour               100,-






 All Tantra Massages have incluiding:  

   Lingam (Penis-Massage)  * for men only
 comes free with Tantra (about 20 minutes in 1h-Massage and approx 40 minutes in 1.5 or 2h Massage (not a  simple masturbation! We have about 20 different kind of masaagetouchs), start slow- if u want with happy end ) also possible if u have erection problem, coming to early ..

ඌ  Prostate -healing- Massage * for men only
comes free with Tantra (outside and if u want- inside prostate) (short in 1h Massage, longer and more intensive in 1.5h or 2 h session) 

ඌ   Yoni (Vagina) Massage* only for women
comes free with tantra (learn to let go, also workin on orgasmusproblems (no masturbation! We have about 20 different kind of masagetouchs, start slow- if u want with happy end (we give our best but we can`t guarantee…) aprox. 30 minutes) 

   chat /conversacion aprox. 15 minutes before massage, relaxtime after massage, enough time to shower before or/and after Massage, so please always plan a half hour more than massagetime

Couples are Welcome (Massage will be doing one after each other
Sorry but Partner CAN NOT stay in same Room,  Partner can wait outside on covered terasse) 




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